The Importance of Good Web Design

Internet marketing is one of the best ways for companies to attract new customers. A company’s website is often the first exposure a customer has to that firm, so it is important to make sure the site looks its best. Consulting with a web design agency can help a company ensure the success of their website.

Customers take less than 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a website. Poor web design can turn customers away, with 94% claiming they mistrust or reject certain websites based on web design. The best web designs are organized, uncluttered, and up-to-date. Clear, legible typography and easy-to-use navigation go a long way toward improving the look of a website. Web designers should avoid large blocks of text, and remember to use bullets on their lists. When given websites to review, 70% of people looked at lists with bullet points, while only 55% looked at lists without bullet points.

Business web design companies advise that a mobile-friendly website is key to success in internet marketing. Of companies that optimized their websites for mobile platforms, 62% reported an increase in sales, as did 64% of companies that made their websites tablet-friendly. The best web designs are responsive, and can change based on the device they are being viewed on.

While custom web design often focuses on a website’s appearance and functionality, content is equally-important. Many companies use their websites to explain services, list products, and announce upcoming sales and changes. Blog posts are a great way for companies to connect with customers by discussing industry news and other topics of interest. Some companies even run contests and sweepstakes from their websites.

Investing in a good web design service can work wonders for a company’s internet marketing strategy. With a nicely designed website and interesting content, companies can attract more customers than if they had no website, and make a better impression of reliability than if their previous site was poorly-designed.



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